Stanford Medicine Newsletter Updates For the Local Community

Welcome to the first edition of Stanford Medicine Newsletter for the local community

Summer 2007

As leaders of the three health-care institutions at Stanford University -- Stanford Hospital & Clinics, Lucile Packard Children's Hospital, and the School of Medicine -- we're launching this publication to keep you updated on our outstanding clinical care programs for adults and children, programs for the community, and cutting-edge biomedical research.

There are many reasons to share our news with you, but several key reasons stand out. First, as a resident of the local community, you or a member of your family may be directly impacted by our clinical care. Having world-class care so close to home can be as decisive in an emergency as it can be even in convenient, routine care. Second, your tax dollars help fund our biomedical research through the National Institutes of Health. We want you to know how we put these dollars to work, and how you stand to benefit. Finally, our institutions are open and accessible to all our fellow community members. So that you can take the greatest advantage of our services and programs, we want to inform you of all we have to offer. Whether you come to us for our expert clinical care, seek us out as a resource for breakthrough biomedical research or make the most of local outreach programs beyond our hospital doors, we'd like you to feel that we play a valuable role in your life and the life of the community.

We hope you'll welcome this newsletter into your home as a resource for the wealth of progress, programs and services available. Knowing your time is precious, we plan to reach out only three times a year with top-line health-care news that we think will be of great interest.

We appreciate your taking a few minutes of your time with us.

Martha Marsh
President and CEO
Stanford Hospital & Clinics
  Christopher Dawes
President and CEO
Lucile Packard Children's Hospital
  Philip Pizzo, MD
Stanford School of Medicine

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