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New space designed for kids’ surgical needs

Kids sharing toys: great. Doctors sharing surgical space: tricky.


For 17 years, pediatric surgeons at Packard Children’s Hospital have jockeyed with surgeons at Stanford Hospital & Clinics for time, space and equipment in the adult hospital’s operating rooms. But the volume and complexity of pediatric surgical cases have increased substantially over the past decade, and both facilities have felt the growing pains.

That’s all about to change. This fall, Packard Children’s will open seven kids-only operating rooms as part of the new Ford Family Surgical Suite on the hospital’s ground floor.

“We can’t wait,” said Craig Albanese, MD, Packard Children’s chief of pediatric general surgery. “This will change everything for the better, from how we receive children for surgery to how we care for them after the procedure.”

Families arriving for surgical procedures will check in on the ground floor of Packard Children’s. They will prepare for surgery with the aid of child life specialists in a colorful and friendly environment designed to put kids at ease and wait in a comfortable, brightly decorated room off the cafeteria courtyard. After surgery, a dedicated elevator will lift patients directly to the expanded intensive care units on the second floor.

The newly constructed space of approximately 35,000 square feet will include operating rooms stocked with instruments designed for use in children. Nearly all equipment and cables are suspended from the ceiling, and flat-screen monitors will display operating images, radiologic examinations and pathology results for reference during the operation. Many functions will be voice activated or controlled by touchscreen.

“Proud is really the key word here,” said Albanese. “We’re so happy and proud to offer this to our patients, their families and our staff. This is a very big, very wonderful step.”

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