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Teen volunteers needed for bulimia study


Psychiatrists in the School of Medicine are seeking volunteers for the largest-ever randomized controlled trial of bulimia treatments for adolescents.

“We desperately need more information,” said James Lock, MD, PhD, director of psychiatric services at the Comprehensive Eating Disorders Program at Packard Children’s and the study’s senior investigator. “There are a lot of kids with these problems, and we don’t know how to help them.”

He said previous bulimia treatment programs focused on adult patients, which is why the National Institute of Mental Health has awarded his team a five-year, $2 million grant to compare bulimia treatments for young people. Stanford is collaborating in the trial with the University of Chicago.

Study subjects will be randomly assigned to receive 20 outpatient consultations using cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy or individual psychotherapy. Participants must be age 12 to 18 with bulimia nervosa or significant bulimic behaviors. Participants and their families must be willing to be assigned to any of the three treatments and agree to participate in six months of regular treatments and one year of follow-up. Interested individuals should contact research assistant Brittany Alvy at 650-723-9182.

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