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Mobile devices added to medical school curriculum

Stanford’s School of Medicine provided all 91 of this year’s incoming medical students with iPads under a pilot program to integrate mobile technology into academics.

The iPad initiative is designed to give students flexible access to content they need, whether it’s a virtual cadaver, lecture slides and videos, or scientific journal articles. Stanford is one of a handful of medical schools and universities around the country experimenting this academic year with the use of student iPads.

“We want to explore the use of iPads and other technologies to help students access the enormous amount of medical knowledge that is being produced constantly,” said Charles Prober, MD, senior associate dean for medical education. “Devices like the iPad may be able to help users access that pool of knowledge.”

Henry Lowe, MD, senior associate dean for information resources and technology at Stanford’s medical school, said he has found the device to be extremely helpful and believes it is growing in popularity among doctors.

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